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The Exploration Systems Mission Directorate (ESMD) is dedicated to creating a constellation of new capabilities, supporting technologies and foundational research that enables sustained and affordable human and robotic exploration.

NASA delivers a comprehensive Agency education portfolio, implemented by the Office of Education, the Mission Directorates, and the NASA Field Centers. Through the portfolio, NASA contributes to our Nation's efforts in achieving excellence in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education. Three outcomes serve to align all Agency education activities. This project maps to Outcome 1: Contributing to the development of the STEM workforce in disciplines needed to achieve NASA's strategic goals.

The purpose of the ESMD Higher Education Grants is to train and develop the highly skilled scientific, engineering, and technical workforce of the future needed to implement the Vision for Space Exploration.

The Boeing Company

Boeing is the world's leading aerospace company and the largest manufacturer of commercial jetliners and military aircraft combined. Additionally, Boeing designs and manufactures rotorcraft, electronic and defense systems, missiles, satellites, launch vehicles and advanced information and communication systems. As a major service provider to NASA, Boeing operates the Space Shuttle and International Space Station. The company also provides numerous military and commercial airline support services. Boeing has customers in more than 90 countries around the world and is one of the largest U.S. exporters in terms of sales.

Heinlein Trust

The Heinlein Prize for Advances in Space Commercialization, generally known as the Heinlein Prize, was founded in 1988 to reward individuals who make practical contributions to the commercialization of space. The Heinlein Prize, offers a cash award of $500,000 to one or more individuals for practical accomplishments in the field of commercial space activities rewarded by the International Aeronautical Congress in Bremen, Germany.

The Heinlein Prize honors the memory of Robert A. Heinlein, one of the most popular science fiction writers of the 20th century. The trust was established soon after his death in 1988 by his widow, Virginia Gerstenfeld Heinlein, whose estate will fund the prize.

Isle of Man

International finance dedicated to space, Independent financial advisors. The Isle of Man Government is pro-space and committed to helping the Space industry flourish.

DNK Co., Ltd

Space Age Publishing Company / International Lunar Observatory Association

Space Age Publishing Company, publisher of Space Calendar weekly and Lunar Enterprise Daily, operates offices on Hawaii Island, Hawaii (1988), and in Palo Alto, California (1977), USA, and pursues a business plan for its third office on the Moon. With its International Lunar Observatory Association affiliate, Space Age advances and supports a wide variety of scientific, commercial, international and educational lunar / astro activities and enterprises - such as the International Lunar Observatory - consistent with a human return to the Moon within the decade. Space Age, with ILOA, also promotes the Galaxy Forum developing architecture , and the Stanford on the Moon and Ad Astra Kansas initiatives -- To The Stars.

Ecliptic Enterprises Corporation

Ecliptic produces the popular RocketCam(TM) product family -- rugged systems used onboard launch vehicles, spacecraft and other remote aerospace platforms to provide dramatic engineering- and PR-quality color video and imagery. Ecliptic is the world's leading supplier of such systems and enjoys a track record of 70 successes on 70 launches onboard over a dozen rocket types, spacecraft in LEO, GEO and at the Moon, and other pioneering vehicles like SpaceShipOne. Privately held Ecliptic is focused on expanding commercial business practices into the Earth-Moon-Mars arena, pursuing and supporting other special projects involving aerospace avionics, small space payloads and instrumentation, and ground systems.


SEDS, the Students for the Exploration and Development of Space, is a group dedicated to expanding the role of human exploration and development of space. SEDS seeks to educate the public in such a way as to attain this goal. SEDS has many ways of doing this, including educational outreach, conferences, and chapter projects.

Space Frontier Foundation

The Space Frontier Foundation is an organization composed of space activists, scientists and engineers, media and political professionals, entrepreneurs, and citizens from all backgrounds and all nations. The Space Frontier Foundation is transforming space from a government-owned bureaucratic program into a dynamic and inclusive frontier open to people. SFF is determined to convert the image held by many young people that the future will be worse than the present, and rejects the idea that the world's greatest moments are in its past.


NASA Ames Research Center

Ames Research Center (Silicon Valley) enables exploration through selected development, innovative technologies, and interdisciplinary scientific discovery. Ames provides leadership in astrobiology; robotic lunar exploration; technologies for CEV, CLV, and HLV; the search for habitable planets; supercomputing; intelligent/adaptive systems; advanced thermal protection; and airborne astronomy. Ames develops tools for a safer, more efficient national airspace and unique partnerships benefiting NASA's mission.

National Space Society

The National Space Society's vision is people living and working in thriving communities beyond the Earth. NSS members promote change in social, technical, economic, and political conditions to advance the day when people will live and work in space.

Space Investment Summit Coalition

Space Investment Summit 7 (SIS-7) will continue the series of forums hosting entrepreneurs and investors in a frank dialogue about the best investment opportunities in new space-related ventures. The summit also features presentation of a limited number of pre-qualified space-related business plans from reputable entrepreneurs to an audience of leading seed and early stage investors. The summit series helps investors gain knowledge that might guide future investment decisions, and helps entrepreneurs gain from an increased investor interest in their efforts and development of new opportunities for partnership.

Space Angels Network

Space Angels Network is the premier source of aerospace dealflow for investors and of early-stage capital for aerospace-related ventures across a wide spectrum of technologies, markets, and industries. We are a professionally managed national network of accredited investors focused on aerospace-related opportunities.

Tetra Wine

Tetra-a harmonious fusion of four. Our 2006 Tetra Red Wine is a classic blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet franc and Petit Verdot. Each lot was individually harvested from exceptional vineyards in the cooler southern part of the Napa Valley, and then vinified separately in order to fully capture and showcase the essence of the fruit sources. Fermentation variables included cold soak (to increase extractability of color and tannin), inclusion of whole berries (to amplify primary fruit), fermentation temperature, cap management, and extended maceration (to soften tannins and stabilize color). Following fermentation, the free run was racked to small French oak barrels (75% new), where the wines underwent malolactic conversion. Wines were aged for 18 months in barrel, and then the final blend was painstakingly crafted through many sessions of trial-and-error tastings, finally honing in on the best-of-the-best. The wine was bottled without fining or filtration to maximize flavors and textures.


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