NewSpace 2009 Program

The program grid below documents the current list of panels expected for NewSpace 2009.

Friday, July 17th

The Space Frontier Foundation Presents: NewSpace 2009

7:30-7:45pmSEDS, the Foundation, and the Space FrontierRick Tumlinson
7:45-8:15pmEcliptic Clips 
8:15-8:45pmManifesto for the Frontier: A Space Frontier VisionRick Tumlinson
8:45-10:00pmMovie EventOrphans of Apollo: Extended Edition

Saturday, July 18th

8:30-9:00amConference WelcomeJames Muncy
9:00-9:30amAMES OpeningSteve Zornetzer
9:30-10:20amAMES Small SatellitesJohn Hines, Dan Andrews
10:40-11:30amAMES Commercial SpaceDan Rasky, John Hogan, Yvonne Cagle
11:30-12:20pmAMES Public/Private partnershipsJeffrey Smith, Gary Martin, Michael Marlaire
12:30-1:30pmNetworking Lunch 
1:30-1:45pmIsle of Man PresentationBob Richards
1:45-2:30pmBig Opportunities in Tiny Satellites: NewSpace and NanosatsPete Klupar, Rob Call, Milind Pimprikar, Dave Masten
2:30-3:10pmOrbital Fuel Depots: Fueling the FrontierJon Goff, Derek Hinspater, Dallas Bienhoff
3:30-4:15pmSuborbital Point-to-Point: Going Places or Taking Us for a Ride?Paul Damphousse, Kelvin Coleman, A.C. Charania, Chuck Lauer, Randall Clauge
4:15-5:15pmSpace Solar Power: Is There Light at the End of the Tunnel?Taylor Dinerman, Paul Damphousse, Tom Olson, Paul Contursi, Gary Barnhard, Amaresh Kollipara
5:15-5:30pmSpeakerDavid Livingston

Sunday, July 19th

8:30-11:45amBusiness plan Competition 
11:45-12:00pmISU Executive MBA AnnouncementWalter Peters
12:00-1:00pmBoeing Sponsored LunchPaul Eckert
1:00-2:00pmNewSpace Policy: Accelerating development or picking winners?Ken Davidian, Jim Muncy, Bruce Pittman, David Livingston
2:00-2:20pmCommercial Lunar OpportunitiesRobert Kelso
2:20-3:00pmCommercial Lunar Opportunities PanelRob Kelso, Dennis Wingo, Tom Taylor
3:20-4:00pmOrbital Debris: Should we be worried, and what is being done about it?James Dunstan, Dennis Wingo, Joe Carrol, Tony DeTora
4:00-5:00pmNewSpace Case Studies- The Thrill of Victory and the Agony of DefeatEcliptic Enterprises, MirCorp, Masten Space System, Ken Davadian
5:00-5:15pmJim Crisafulli 

Monday, July 20th

8:30-9:00amCan We Even Live on Other Worlds?Jim Logan
9:00-10:00amThe Google Lunar X-Prize: A Look Into the Entrepreneurial FutureNicole Jordan, Fred Bourgeois, Bob Richards, Kevin Myrick, Randa Milliron, Mike Joyce
10:00-10:40amThe Role of Commercial Space in ExplorationJohn Olson
11:00-1:00pmTeachers in Space Session & Lunch 
1:00-2:00pmThe Watch Presents: Asteroids - The Threat and PromiseRick Tumlinson, Dr. David Morrison, Dr. John Lewis
2:00-2:45pmBehind the Architecture: What goals should drive exploration?James Muncy, Jim Crisafulli, Dave Huntsman, Dennis Stone, John Olson
3:05-4:00pmThe Science of Space SettlementDr. Stewart Nozette, Dr. Paul Spudis, Dr. Clive Neal
4:00-4:15pmMicrogravity OpportunitiesDennis Stone
4:15-5:15pmWhere Do We Go From Here?Pete Worden, Rick Tumlinson, Chris McKay, Jim Logan
6:00-10:30pmApollo 11 GalaRick Tumlinson, Gwynne Shotwell, John Olson, Bob Richards, Peter Diamandis, David Webb, Art Dula, Esther Dyson, John Vornle, Jim Muncy, Bob Werb, Kevin Sterling